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Some of my Dragon Cave dragons

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Video Games

Yeah that's right, I'm a gamer. Got some videogames here if you wanna see em. No particular ordering here, just some games I've played and liked.

The Gameboy Advance was the first console I ever owned, and still one of my favorites. It has some of my favorite 2D work nintendo and their first parties have done, and also had backwards compatibility that allowed me to discover a lot of nintendo handheld classics.

I spent a lot of my youth emulating SNES games using ZSNES on my garbage laptop, but it was well worth it. I discovered a lot of franchises I'd come to love, and a ton of weird hidden gems.

The personal computer has always been the most flexible gaming platform, and the wealth of free and wildly innovative games has made it my favorite platform since I can remember. Everyone I'm sure remembers the thrill of downloading game demos or freeware games and playing them for hours on end.

Please play this game, it's absolutely amazing and I'm sure everyone on neocities would love it. It's a labor of love, dedicated to the internet of yore.

I'm definitely addicted to this game right now. Some hellspawn between Terraria, a falling sand game, and some juicy roguelike goodness. One of those games that's incredibly deep.

An absolute favorite, and freeware! It's also available on like, every platform ever. There are also several updated versions with higher pixel density, and even 3D graphics. The music is amazing, the story is amazing, and the gameplay is prime metroidvania goodness.

An absolutely wild surrealist freeware RPG. If you like undertale, Lisa the painful, earthbound, or any other weird RPGs, go into it blind, you won't regret it.

A crazy claymation shmup that I originally played on an old iMac G3. Everything in this game was made with a small amount of clay that was then recolored digitally. Also has awesome music! This game does however have some tragic backstory, as the IP was essentially stolen by a publisher and subsequent titles were made without the original developer's involvement.

Other Nintendo

While I don't really like nintendo as a company (don't really like corporations in general lol), their first party titles have been some of my favorites; here's a few more I love.

SNK may be the greatest arcade game developer/manufacturer of all time. It's no understatement that their command of pixel art is unmatched, and some of the best token munching, white knuckle action ever to grace a CRT has come from them.

Other Classics

The Weird Ones

Everyone's got those games you know aren't good but you still love anyways.


Who doesn't love a good read? Here are some links to things I think are interesting or important, along with some personal musings.


Haha everything is burning, thanks Capitalism® 😎. But hope will never be lost; to quote Kero Kero Bonito's Well Rested:

False prophets proclaim that the end is nigh
And that humanity is not worth existence
This is a trap laid to ensnare the living
A lie for the weak-willed, the inhuman
Their temples are in disarray
And they surely cannot know
What only Gaia knows
The resurrection will come
Only when Gaia requires it
It will not come soon
If we care for our mother
Instead, we will be well rested

Here I hope to slowly build a collection of environmentalist resources from permaculture to distributed energy production.


Currently I would say that my politics align more around realism about the future of the society I live in than any utopian ideal. While I do enjoy and read some philosophical works relating to political and economic organization, I think we would do well to spend more time in the immediate, and the immediate presents some grave challenges to our current political and economic structures. I wont claim to be a part of any particular ideology or movement, but there are some that I think provide better alternative solutions to the Capitalist® hellscape we have currently.

Some things I value

  • Freedom of information
  • Renewable energy
  • Ecological protection and bio-diversification
  • Racial/ethnic equality
  • Gender equality and bodily autonomy
  • Queer rights
  • Universal healthcare
  • Public transportation
  • Public ownership
  • Dissolution of workplace hierarchy
  • Redistribution of the means of production
  • Localization of agriculture
  • Animal welfare and the dissolution of factory farming
  • Ending imperialism and interventionism
  • Colonial reparations
  • Global cooperation

Thoughts on the future

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it plainly obvious that we’re not organized or informed enough (at least in the United States and other capital aligned western nations) to combat large scale humanitarian crises, and the centralization of resources, along with poorly implemented “just in time” production has made us particularly vulnerable to collapse when under any kind of environmental stress.

Because of this I'm becoming more interested and invested in building out more local self reliance. Community food production, distributed internet/communications, self sustaining power and water, and waste management are all things that I think will become increasingly important and valuable as the climate crisis and other challenges progress.

My current thinking is that we should adopt a 2 pronged approach; build mutual aid and self reliance in our local communities, while pushing the greater government to adopt more socially responsible and egalitarian policies. This way, if the government or economic system were to experience any major disturbance (like large scale climate disaster...) we are already equipped to help each other. At the same time, we can work to bring about change for those unwilling or unable to fight on the bigger scale, and maybe bring public consciousness closer to our ideals. Think globally, act locally.

Other resources

Information Freedom

The current landscape of paywalled and profit centric information is nothing short of a crime against humanity. How many people would be better off if everyone had better access to the wealth of scientific knowledge locked behind stuffy academic journals built for nothing but profit? How many local or public news sources have been destroyed by bright yellow, ad-driven, "entertainment masking as news" conglomerates? Even our social spaces have slowly been consumed and degraded into homogenous algorithmic click farms (I'm sure that's why you're on neocities ;]).

Here are a few resources for finding free content, or getting around paywalled content.

    You can throw most news articles into wayback machine and find an archived version that was scraped from behind the paywall. There are also quite a few books and games here that are available for free or for limited checkout.

  • The Gutenberg Project
    A collection of legally free ebooks.

I'm deeply passionate about the freedom of software as well. Open source projects have shown themselves to be more robust and sustainable than their proprietary counterparts, and would be even more complete if more people were given the time and agency to work on the projects they were truly passionate about.

Change Log

06-12-2021, Many blessings upon ye, the unicode snowman has arrived.

19-09-2021, GarbOS is shifting... also some new neighbors, custom cursors, and small edits here and there.

21-08-2021, Added some buttons for neighbors, made a few small edits.

18-08-2021, Converting to a single page site, trying some new things! Excited to be back.

03-04-2021, Been a while, maybe I should update this again soon.

19-10-2020, Added a small Halloween message and a topsters chart to things I like.

11-10-2020, Changed up the music player and added Dragon Cave dragons.

29-09-2020, Added some music I've been listening to to the things I like page!